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PDF Agenda, Marrakech 19-20/12/2011

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Contributor Jauad El-Kharraz
Release date 09/12/2011
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The city of Marrakesh represents for the Mediterranean Community of Water a privileged place of meetings where a large number of progresses in the water management issue were initiated during these last years.

This is the reason for which a regional event aiming to promote the cooperation of Mediterranean countries in water field will be organized within the framework of the Mediterranean Cross-Continental Process of the 6th World Water Forum.

This is the first Mediterranean Water Forum which will be held at the Congress Palace of Marrakesh on December 19-20, 2011 with the support of the State Secretariat in charge of Water and Environment in Morocco. The Forum’s objective is to set up a platform of dialogue and exchange between all stakeholders concerned with water issues to strengthen the cooperation in this field.

The mobilization of the Mediterranean Water Community will be made on the same level of commitment to deliver strong and targeted messages and reach the consequent objectives for the sustainable development of the region.

This forum is carried out a logical approach of experience and know-how exchanges through an organized dialogue of representatives of all stakeholders in the Mediterranean region, namely: decision-making bodies, local and regional authorities, parliamentarians, donors, representatives of the private sector and experts, regional networks, other civil society stakeholders and State representatives.

Confident of your support in this Mediterranean initiative, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the works of this first Mediterranean Water Forum which will be articulated around thematic groups handling specific priorities in our region selected within the framework of the Mediterranean Cross-Continental Process of the 6th World Water Forum 2012 (draft agenda enclosed).

This forum will be organized in coherence with the strategy of the World Water Council to establish regional dialogues impulsing a strong dynamics for a sustainable water management.