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Folder 9th NFP Coordination Seminar, Nice, 2009-06-08/10 France


The 1st part of the seminar was dedicated to a metadata management workshop.


  • Feed back on the conclusions of the last EMWIS Steering Committee meeting
  • Review of current projects with the European Commission on the harmonization with the Water Information System for Europe
  • Activities of working groups on "water monitoring" and "Availability of Drought and water scarcity indicators"
  • Results of user needs survey in Algeria
  • Definition of geographical references for Med countries for a water map server (with hydrological reference layers)
  • Technical Guidelines for interoperability with WISE
  • Review of EMWIS NFP status
  • Strengthening water information and monitoring in the Med area (initiative to be proposed to the water expert group of the Union for the Mediterranean)
  • Discussion on future activities



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Folder Documents
PDF Conclusions of the 9th NFP Coordination Seminar, Nice (France), 2009-06-08/10 Download (2 versions)
PDF Preliminary agenda Download (2 versions)
Pointer Expert workshop on metadata management & referential data sets, Nice 2009-06-08/09
Pointer 13eme-reunion-du-comite-directeur-du-semide Item only translated in French
5th Mediterranean Water Forum



L'atelier sur la gestion des métadonnées et référentiels de données sur l'eau aura lieu à partir de 14 heures lundi 8 juin et jusqu'à mardi 9 juin 12 heures.

The Expert workshop on metadata management & referential data sets will take place on Monday 8 June at 14.00 until Tuesday 9 June at 12.00.

Il sera suivi par le séminaire de coordination des Points Focaux Nationaux du SEMIDE mardi 9 juin à partir de 13h30 et jusqu'à mercredi 10 juin à 12 heures.

It will be followed by the 9th EMWIS NFP Coordination Seminar on Tuesday 9 June at 13.30 until Wednesday 10 June at 12.00

Les deux réunions auront lieu à:
Both meetings will take place at:

La Maison du séminaire
29 Bd Frank Pilatte
06300 NICE
Email :
tél +33 (0)493 89 39 57 ; fax +33 (0)493 26 79 99

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