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HTML Document List of Participants - Cairo EMWIS workshop

EMWIS National workshop in Egypt, 10 February 2007
Launch of National website development

Released 23/02/2007



Mr. Georgios Tsitsopoulos

First Counselor, Head of Operations

Mr. Diego Mellado

First Secretary, Head of Operational Section, Economic Modernization

Dr. Ahmed Bader

Economic and Utilities Development Specialist

Dr. Shaden Abdel Gawad

Chairperson, National Water Resources Center

Dr.Fatma Abdel Rahman

Chairperson, IIIMP

Dr. Hussein Ehsan El-Atfy

Sector Head, Minister’s Technical Office

Dr. Dalal El Nagar

Director Of Regional Center for Training and Water Studies

Eng. Adel Khafaga

Head of Planning Sector

Eng. Hassan Osman

Chairperson, Reservaoirs and grand barrage sector

Dr. Khaled Tobar

General Manager,Reservaoirs and grand barrage sector

Dr. Ashraf El Ashaal

Director of  Construction Research Institute

Dr. Essam Khalifa

Minister's Office Director for Research & Special Studies

Dr. Tarek Abd Allah

Director, The Minister's Office, Nile and International Waters

Dr .Wael Khairy

Minister's Office Director for Technology & Information

Dr. Mohamed Rami

General Supervisor of MWRI Main Information Center

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Khalek

Director, Water Quality Unit

Dr. Hatem Ali

Water Quality Unit

Dr. Nahed El Arabi

Groundwater Research Institute

Dr. Ghada Elrefee

Drainage Research Institute

Dr. Tarek Mohi El-Din

Director Of National Water Resources Plan

Dr. Tarek Kotb

Director, CU-IIIMP

Dr. Safwat Abdel Dayem

Advisor to MWRI

Eng. Gameel El Saied


Eng. Sami Ouf

Head of Mechanical and Electrical Deperatment

Dr. Jeffrey W. Fredericks

Chief of Party IWRM Project, IRG

Dr. Raouf Darwish

Darwish Consultants

Dr. Nasser Allam

Nile Consultants

Dr. Samia El Guindi

Director, APP

Eng. Heba Yaken

Engineer Minister's Technical Office

Mr. Andreas Holtkotte

KfW -  Director Cairo office

Mr. Stefan Sennfield

GTZ – Water Sector Coordinator

Ms. Gabrielle Zweiler

German  Development Cooperation

Mr. Tarek Mourad

Netherlands Development Cooperation –  

Dr. Khaled El Askari

African Development Bank

Ms. Ayat Soliman

World Bank

Dr. Hany El Sa’adany

World Bank

Dr. Mohamed Baiyoumy

UNDP Egypt

Dr.  Khaled Abu-Zeid

Regional Water Resources Program Manager - CEDARI

Dr. Omar Elbendary

Senior Regional Water Resources Specialist- CEDARI

Mr. Amr Abdel Megeed

Senior Regional Water Specialist - CEDARI

Eng. Mohamed Reda El Bendari

Head of Irrigation Sector

Dr. Houssam El-Din Safwat Fahmy

Director, Drainage Research Institute

Eng. Sanaa Yehea Ibrahiem

GIS Specialist, Main Information Center

Eng. Eed Abd el Moneam

Network Specialist, Main Information Center

Ms. Ebtsam Hassen Mohamed 

Database Specialist,Main Information Center

Mr.Yasser Saeed Khalifa

GIS Specialist, Main Information Center

Eng. Ahmad Shokry

National Water Resources Center

Mr. Mohamed Hassen Mohamed

Computer Specialist,Main Information Center

Mr. Osama Mahmoud

Computer Specialist,Main Information Center

Ms.Hanem Hassen Mohamed

Secertary, Main Information Center

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Owad

Secertary, Main Information Center

Ms. Aza Ibrahiem

Secertary, Main Information Center

Ms. Seham Mohamed

Main Information Center

Ms. Neveen George

Minister's Technical Office

Ms. Rehab Saad Mohamed

Translator, Main Information Center

Mr. Eric Mino

Head of Technical Unit of EMWIS Projects

Dr. Andrea Tani

Co manger of establishing EMWIS national focal point in Egypt

Dr. Nino Merola

Italian Cooperation Head

Eng. Guido Benevento

Italian Cooperation Adviser

Eng. Marco Marchetti

Italian Cooperation Environmental Programme

Eng. Francesco Manzo

Italian  CooperationCo-Manager DSS

Eng. Ismail Faramawi             

Italian Cooperation Agricultural Consultant Claudia Beretta           

Ministry of Environment Representative