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Project Lake Ohrid Management

Project number n/a
Geographical coverage Albania, Macedonia
Budget (in €) 16210404
Programme OP8 - Water based Program - GEF
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Objectives This project objective is to conserve and protect the natural resources and biodiversity of Lake Ohrid by developing and supporting an effective cooperation between Albania and Macedonia for the joint environmental management of the Lake Ohrid watershed. Key performance indicators for the development objective are: * Average lake nutrient concentrations below the critical level which sustains the lake oligotrophic state; * Reduced nutrient and microbiological loads in the lake?s tributaries and inflows; * Key ecosystem health and stability indicators maintained within safe limits; and * Actions taken by the LOMB to promote and support government?s conservation and protection policies. Activities ? Institutional, legal, and regulatory framework. This component will establish a Lake Ohrid Management Board to promote permanent cooperation between the two countries. The board will agree on common objectives, operating rules, and procedures; review project implementation; and discuss fund-raising strategies to implement an environmental program for the lake. The component will also support technical training; work to harmonize laws, regulations, and standards between the two countries; and strengthen management and enforcement of municipalities bordering the lake. Monitoring framework. This component will support a well-coordinated monitoring program by purchasing monitoring equipment and developing a monitoring system to track water quality, discharges into the lake, and other data. ? Lake Ohrid Participatory Watershed Management Program. This component will aim to mobilize the groups within the watershed to transform the strategic program developed in the feasibility study into an action plan. ? Public Awareness and Participation Program. This component will, (i) increase public awareness of environmental issues related to Lake Ohrid; and (ii) increase community participation in activities to conserve and protect Lake Ohrid and its watershed. Benefits ? Protect the Lake Ohrid basin by establishing an effective international framework for long-term basin management, and by undertaking some priority actions to control the major sources of pollution and watershed degradation ? Establish basis for cooperation between Albania and Macedonia and provide basis for preparing regional development strategy serving both countries.
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Period [01/05/1997 - 31/12/2004]