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Project Building the Future of Transnational Cooperation in Water Resources in South East Europe

Educate is a multi-partner project funded through INTERREG IIIC CADSES aimed at promoting education in the water sector.

Educate! will assist in shaping current and future policy and practice in Water Resources Management in SE Europe, through professional capacity building and provision of a common understanding of IWRM for young graduates within a cooperative, transnational environment.

Specifically, Educate! will:

1. Set up and operate a network of Higher Education Organisations in SE Europe with an expertise in Environmental Protection and Water Resources Management;
2. Develop a transnational postgraduate course on Integrated Water Resources Management;
3. Develop a flexible structure for delivering the course across geographic areas and across different audiences (from students to professionals) through e-learning and a modular format supporting continuous education and vocational training and
4.Run a pilot transnational postgraduate course and professional educational and training courses for governmental officials and industry.

Project number 5D129
Acronym Educate!
Geographical coverage Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Serbia
Budget (in €) 950000
Programme Interreg III (Espace Cadses)
Web site

The overall objective of the initiative is to assist the regional transnational cooperation on Water Resources Management and Environmental Protection. This will be achieved by shaping the future policy makers, while at the same time providing training for current environmental policy makers. The means to achieve this ambitious yet vital aim is the development of a Transnational School for the Environment (TSE) and to initiate a postgraduate educational programme while running training courses for government officials and industry. The project aims towards a long-term, continuous professional capacity building which will form the basis for long-term collaboration in the area and ultimately lead to a more integrated region. The project directly assists the reconciliation and long-term improvement of relationships in SE Europe and ensures the active, integrative role of the European Union within this process. 


1st Year:

  • Network of HE Institutions and process for collaboartion
  • Project website
  • Educational Material for postgraduate course on water resources management
  • E-learning platform for water resources management
  • Publicity and Awareness Raising on IWRM

2nd Year

  • Training Material for continuous professional education in water resources management tailored for industry and government
  • Pilot postgraduate course educational material (9 months duration including 2 months for thesis development): 10 modules
  • Pilot training workshops (1 at each partner country)

3rd Year

  • 30 Studies of postgraduate students focusing on transnational integrated water resources management issues in the area to be presented to government officials advocating the new ideas that the young engineers and scientists bring to area
  • Final Project Report with action plan for programme follow-up
  • Evaluation of programme and material delivered.
·               Publicity and Awareness Raising for Regional Cooperation
Period [01/05/2006 - 01/08/2008]


  • National Technical University of Athens, School of Civil Engineering, Water Resources
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Greece
    Contact Mme Alexandra Katsiri,
    Position: PROFESSOR
    Phone/fax: 302107722797, 302107722899

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source Feder
    Programme Interreg III(Espace Cadses)
    Funding rate 46