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HTML Document FP4 - 1994-1998

Released 28/03/2006

RTD Cooperation with third countries and international organisations (1994-1998)

The 4 main target areas of the first phase were:

Area A1
Cooperation with other European Cooperation Frameworks

COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research), EUREKA (A Tool for Industrial Rennovation) and certain international RTD organizations

Area A2
Cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries (CEC) and with the Newly Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union

INCO - Copernicus (financing and management of joint research activities and joint initiatives)� Project by project� participation in certain Action 1,3 and 4 RTD programmes and possibility of financial assistance and EU participation in INTAS and ICST

Area B
Cooperation with Non-European industrialized countries

SetT cooperation agreements with third countries (Canada, Israel, Southern Africa, USA), �project by project� participation in certain RTD strands of specific EU programs and Japan / Korea research grants

Area C
Cooperation with developing countries (DC)

INCO - DC (financing and management of joint research activities and joint initiatives) � project by project � participation in certain Area 1 RTD Programmes, possibility of financial assistance

The INCO Programme (1994-1998) of the FP4 is now completed.

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