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HTML Document FP5 - 1998-2002

Released 28/03/2006

Confirming the international role of community research

INCO MED policy for Mediterranean Partner Countries covered by Phase 2, and specifically relevant to water resources:

Technologies for efficient water use, treatment and reuse and for the conservation of cultural heritage.

Specific objectives include regional environmental sustainability, and notably the integrated policy and resource management of coastal zones:

The aim is to develop a participatory strategic approach to planning and management of coastal areas in order to maximise their long-term contribution to socio-economic diversification and sustainable regional development.
Coastal areas are subject to an increasing diversity of demands for new opportunities to diversify local and national economies: coastal fisheries, aquaculture, wind-forms, tourism ,leisure etc. The economic unbalance between coastal and inside regions should be taken into account."

Specific objectives:

  • Development of early warning tools and decision support systems on the equilibrium between the coastal areas' resources and inland regions. (As for example remote sensing for land use and climate impacts, airborne surveillance systems or coastal water observing buoys).

  • Research activities on coastal typology, monitoring and dynamics of Mediterranean countries with particular interest for estuaries and marine ecosystem protection.

  • Scientific research on hydromorphology, models and data collection, identifying indicators and technologies for coastal dynamics in particular for flooding, erosion or sand stabilisation.

  • Long-term research measuring the sustainable development in coastal areas, the impact of human activities, in particular on water quality and availability, and identifying potential users and beneficiaries

Specific criteria:

Accompanying measures

Accompanying measures similar to those described under section A.4 are also foreseen for the Mediterranean partner countries.

Accompanying measures will focus mainly in the priority areas of the calls and will stimulate the RDT co-operation.

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