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Stakeholder Participatory Sustainable Water Management at Farm Level
Cooperation with Jordan and Palestine


Starting date: 18 March 2004, Duration: 3 years


The irrigation system in Jordan and Palestine is strongly impaired due to a lack of socio-economic, cultural and technological means. Some of the greatest problems are: the inefficient and ineffective water management of national water resources, outdated and partly leaking water networks, bad water quality, inefficient irrigation networks, limited quantities of water per household and a lack of general awareness regarding  the optimal use of limited water resources.

Apart from the well-coordinated technical improvement of water quality and irrigation management, it is vital to create a fundamental and systematic improvement of relations between the individual interest groups at municipal and local level in Jordan and Palestine.

Because of the conflicting interests of irrigation suppliers and farmers, external intervention is necessary in order to adjust these relations and introduce an institutionalised communication process.

Another problem in current relations between interest groups is the condition of women in agriculture. Although women carry out most of the agricultural work, they are not included in decisions and educational facilities. This is partly due to traditional roles and the lack of technical training. Local NGOs have set up initiatives that aim to support and give value to the women, but it is not part of national policy or in any way seen as a priority.


The MEDWA project connects two approachesone socio-economic and the other technical – for the solution of the multilayered problems of water management in Jordan. The aim is the complete and sustainable improvement of the regional development.

The project starts with the definition and systematic inclusion of local/regional and national interest groups. It then seeks to establish a know-how and technology base for further implementation in technical and non-technical training, as well as to demonstrate and pilot activities and equipment (irrigation networks, collective wastewater treatment, construction of common and individual reservoirs and cisterns, rehabilitation of production wells, etc.).

Through access to relevant national and international know-how, the knowledge base of interest groups and final consumers is extended by means of professional training in 8 different sections of sustainable water resource management. This basis of  knowledge and awareness is at the heart of the project's activities.

Examples of efficient water supply management activities:

  • pilot projects for the salvage of sewage
  • irrigation networks
  • demonstration of non-conventional irrigation technologies
  • enlargement of capacities of reservoirs, cisterns and wells
  • rehabilitation of wells and distributing systems
  • establishment of back gardens, as a way to implicate final consumers
  • demonstration of biological agriculture
  • demonstration of waste water use methods in households.

In parallel, organisational structures are created (associations, cooperations, forums) with institutionalised strategic interfaces. These structures shall not only act as committees for the exchange of opinions, experiences or tested training models on a micro-economic level, but will also strengthen the capacities of interest groups and municipalities. Women should play a decisive role in these organisations.

The marriage of technical “hardware” and socio-economic “software” is a direct solution to the complexity of the problem and aims at sustainable improvement of regional development.


Partners Countries Contacts Contact Adresses
HWA – Hilfswerk Austria (Consortium Leader) AU Heidi Burkhart
Director of Programs
Ebendorferstrasse 6
1010 Vienna
Tel. +431 40 57 500-30
Fax +431 40 57 500-60
Mobile +43676 8787 60100
FPSC – Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura ES Belén García Masó MEDA desk office Madrid
C/ Huertas, 71 -5º decha
28014 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 344 01 76
Fax: +34 91 344 03 66
JRF – Jordan River Foundation JO Maha Khatib
Director General
P.O.Box 2943
Amman 11181, Jordan
Tel: +962-6-5933211
Fax: +962-65933210
JOHUD – The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development JO Farah Daghistani
Executive Director
P.O.Box 5118
Amman 11183, Jordan
Tel: +962-6-5825241
Fax: +962-6-5827350
PARC – Palestinian Agriculture Committee PS Ismail Daiq
Director General
P.O.Box 25128
Shu’fat – Jerusalem, Via Israel
Tel: +970-2269-3840
Fax: +970-2269-3850

Hanan Salah
Project Coordinator
Hilfswerk Austria
Amman, Jordan
Mob. +962-79-5406365
Off. +962-6-5523576

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