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Event NOSTRUM-Dss e-conference: Call for success stories - IWRM Science Communication for Impact

This e-conference is the first of a new series of conferences intended as a follow-up activity of the discussions launched in June, with a view of consolidating results and allowing for a broader participation of researchers and practitioners, using the internet channels. The idea is to involve as much as possible the FP6 project partners working in IWRM, so that all of us can benefit of this wide exchange opportunity.

The objective of this e-conference is to come up with interactive modalities - such as IT tools, decision-support tools and media tools – that allow researchers to constructively engage with water managers, practitioners and policy makers, including donors. The aim  is to identify the factors that make tools and methods effective in communicating science, especially to policy makers and decision makers.

The conference also aims at collecting supportive evidence on the factors that make communication to policy-makers successful. With this idea in mind, this e-conference also aims at setting up a database that is intended as a first attempt to collect and share communication practices and tools in different areas of the World from which others can learn. Clearly, experiences are very different depending on the regional specificities and any communication action obviously needs to be adapted to local conditions. Along with good practices examples, we are also interested in learning from failures, in order to draw some conclusions on the conditions that can lead to a success or a failure. In the same vein, we can also learn from experiences that show how communication approaches need to be adapted to the country-specific contexts.

In order to participate in this e-conference try to address the following questions:

1.      Which are the most suitable methods and  tools to address policy makers?

2.      What are the success factors used to communicate science to policy makers? Do you have examples for providing evidence?

In order to contribute in the discussion simply write a message to .

The message will be checked before to be sent to all recipients of the mailing list and will be posted in the Nostrum-DSS on line Forum.

Contact information Marialuisa TAMBORRA, European Commission, DG Research - Directorate D: International Co-operation - Unit D-3: Specific International Co-operation Activities (email: ;
Phone: +32 2 2950312 ; Fax: +32 2 2966252
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Source NOSTRUM-Dss project
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Period 15/01/2007
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