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Event November 3rd & 4th: Join us for the 2009 WWF Science for Nature Symposium "Securing Water for Nature and People in a Changing Climate"

WWF is proud to announce the 2009 Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Symposium, Securing Water for Nature and People in a Changing Climate. The symposium will provide a state-of-the-science review of climate impacts on freshwater systems, challenges to freshwater ecosystem conservation, the role of adaptation in water management, and will provide a platform for the development of an adaptation based "conservation agenda".


Water sustains life, yet with little or no regard for its value, humans have devastated freshwater ecosystems, in order to meet the demands of population growth and economic development. Protecting freshwater systems is critical for the future of both humans and wildlife, and now, adding increased urgency to this mission, is a further challenge: climate change.


Conservationists and development professionals have historically chosen very different and often opposing approaches to "sustainable" water resource management. But these divisions have always been artificial and distracting, and climate change simply increases the urgency with which we must reduce this conflict. In fact, climate change presents an opportunity to discuss sustainable resource management in a more holistic way, bringing together opposing groups and focusing policymakers drawn to concerns over climate change on a coherent view of sustainable development.


Climate change adaptation thinking emphasizes this shifting relationship between institutions and ecosystems, and is an approach that promotes flexibility. Using natural modes of adaptation as a template for sustainable development should promote collaboration between scientists, policymakers, and economic developers, and benefit sound conservation practice.


This year's symposium will provide a state-of-the-science review on freshwater and climate adaptation science and a platform for dialogue that will provide feedback on gaps in our understanding and immediate needs for research.


Key Questions that will be answered?


* What are the impacts of climate change on freshwater systems?

* What are the challenges to freshwater ecosystem conservation and water management in a changing climate?

* What is the role of climate adaptation in addressing these challenges, and what are limitations of adaptation?


Contact information Sindorf, Nikolai (email: Nikolai.Sindorf@WWFUS.ORG)
Event type Conference
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Source WWF
Geographical coverage United States
Address Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC
Organizer WWF
Target audience International
Period [03/11/2009 - 04/11/2009]
Status Confirmed
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