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Event Predictions for hydrology, ecology and water resources management

The conference has three objectives: 
(1) To present models for describing hazardous processes and their impacts with a high spatio-temporal resolution. This would provide the basis for predictive tools and early warning systems in different environmental settings. 
(2) To describe methods to discriminate among impacts originating from climate change and impacts caused by direct human interventions, such as deforestation, overexploitation of groundwater resources, land development, water abstraction from rivers and urbanization. 
(3) to bring together experts from different disciplines such as geomorphologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, hydraulic engineers, forest managers, water resources engineers, regional and landscape planners, as well as experts from governmental institutions and from the insurance sector, to exchange experiences about the adaptation and mitigation of adverse effects.

To ensure that there is an intensive exchange among scientists from different disciplines each session will include presentations from different areas and ample time will be provided for discussion.

Contribution to UNESCO / IHP VII
The Conference provides a contribution to the implementation of the IHP VII 2008-2013 Programme - Water Dependencies: Systems under Stress and Societal Responses

The conference is structured into the following themes:

Theme A1
How can we identify and quantify water-related changes due to direct human interventions
(analysis of long-time past records, future developments)

Theme A2
How can we identify and quantify water-related changes due to climate change
(analysis of long-time past records, future developments)

Theme B
How can we discriminate among impacts of direct human interventions and impacts caused by climate change, and how can we quantify the impacts

Theme C
How can we quantify/ prognose/ predict changes in water-related hazards

Theme D
How can we adapt to / mitigate water-related hazards; resilient and robust ways to adapt to water-related disasters




Contact information Conference Secretariat HydroPredict2010 (email: )
Phone: 420 222 580 079, 222 581 215, 222 585 022
Event type Conference
File link
Geographical coverage Czech Republic
Address Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Organizer Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics Faculty of Science, Charles University, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Department of Water Resources; Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Target audience Euro
Duration 3 days
Period [20/09/2010 - 23/09/2010]
Status Confirmed