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Event algerie-siee-pollutec-2012-8eme-salon-international-des-equipements-des Item only translated in French
Event la-iiieme-edition-du-colloque-pour-une-gestion-durable-de-notre-territoire Item only translated in French
Event 1st International Conference on the Design, Construction, Maintenance, Monitoring and Control of Urban Water Systems
Event 3rd IWA Specialized Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations
Event 3rd Workshop on Water & Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Bassins: Making adaptation work
Event 5th Horizon 2020 Steering Committee Meeting and side meetings
Event Conference and Exhibition on "Desalination and the Environment": Clear water & energy
Event Course in Pre-treatment, Membrane Fouling,and Scaling
Event EDS Conference on Desalination for the Environment Clean Water and Energy
Event European Membrane Society-Middle East School
Event High-level Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation
Event International Water Footprint Training Course (24-26 April 2012)
Event Panel on Agency in Water Governance at Lund Conference on Earth System Governance: "Agency in Multi-level governance: the case of water"
Event RMR Working Group on Environmental Indicators (back to back with H2020 Steering Committee meeting)
Event Regional seminar "Challenges and opportunities for renewable energy development and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean"
Event TIAC’12 - IV International Conference on Technology Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers / III International Symposium on Coastal Aquifers and Desalination Plants
Event The 10th Gulf Water Conference: Water in the GCC States - The Water-Energy-Food Nexus
Event UNESCO-IHE Training: Water Transport and Distribution I
Event WMO Task team on Application of Metadata (TT-ApMD)
4th Mediterranean Water Forum