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Event WEX North Africa 2013: The second International Trade Mission for Water and Renewable Energy

Following the success of our inaugural trade mission to Rabat in 2012, The Water and Energy Exchange in association with ONEE, are arranging a second International Trade Mission for Water and Renewable Energy, which will take place in Marrakesh on the 18/19th September 2013. This unique two day summit is designed to facilitate new opportunities and partnerships between international organisations and the most important institutions in water, sanitation and renewable energy from Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.


The Agenda WEX North Africa will bring together key leaders and decision makers from both public and private sectors that are at the cutting edge of transforming both water and renewable energy sectors. It is an action oriented summit for senior executives, which places business meetings at its heart. A programme of pre-selected mutually agreed one to one meetings are combined with an outstanding programme of conference speakers and numerous other networking opportunities such as round table  working lunches and a gala dinner evening.


The agenda will feature a range presentations and seminars of both a commercial and technical nature which are specifically designed to provide critical business intelligence. 


Morocco Market:

[Overview: Wastewater Treatment: Morocco is a semi-arid country with limited water resources. As a developing country with a high birth rate, Morocco faces the issue of increased water residue and the difficulty in finding alternative solutions to protect the environment and to improve quality of life. Since Morocco is losing about 10% of its water table each decade, it is imperative to find alternative methods to purify water and treat wastewater associated with urban and industrial pollution.

Plans for increasing water supply capacity in Morocco to meet higher rural population demand and the dominant agricultural sector offer a growing market to U.S. suppliers of water and wastewater equipment. For the upcoming five-year period, total imports are expected to increase at an average annual rate of 20%. Morocco already imports 90% of its water and wastewater treatment equipment. The remaining 10% consists of pipes and conduits produced locally. Today, Morocco needs state-of-the-art technology adapted to new water purification and wastewater treatment equipment for the current needs of the country.

Best Products/Services: Seawater Desalination; Water and wastewater treatment projects; Rural Water Distribution Technology and Desalination Projects; High-pressure Water pumps; Monitoring Equipment; Demineralization Systems; Water Treatment and distribution equipment; Chemicals for Water Treatment; and Remote Control Equipment.

Opportunities: The National Office of Potable Water (ONEP), which produces about 80% of the potable water for the entire country, has identified several aquifers used for drinking water in many regions of Morocco that have been contaminated with high levels of nitrates. ONEP plans to conduct several feasibility studies to identify the extent of the contamination and select appropriate technologies to treat the groundwater, and also to define the best way to re-use water and to build plants for potable water discharge treatment. In 2007, USTDA approved a $378,000 grant to ONEP to fund the cost of goods and services required for technical assistance on a proposed Meat Processing Facility Wastewater Treatment System. In 2008, the African Development Bank also granted $102 million to ONEP to finance more efficient and energy saving potable water distribution, and to increase quality potable water distribution frm 1.6 million by 2008 to 2.4 million in 2020, in five cities and more about 300 small towns, and in new three new tourist areas.

Faced with 32% of the rural population underserved, providing safe drinking water to the countryside is a priority for Morocco. As the main supplier of potable water, ONEP plans to spend $800 million in water distribution improvement. In addition, the Government of Morocco plans to invest $1.5 billion in water projects to satisfy at least 80% of water needs to the rural population by 2010. The Government is planning to invest $6.5 billion by 2015 for sewage systems upgrading. Plans are to create autonomous sewage systems in both large and small cities for wastewater treatment and water purification systems.

Solid Waste Management: Demographic growths, rapid urbanization, and neglect have increased the problems of waste disposal. Management of solid waste presently represents a major environmental issue. In December 2006, the Moroccan Government published the Law 28-00 to address solid waste issues and plans to invest $4.4 billion (MAD 37 billion) over the next 15 years starting frm 2008. The purpose of this law is to ensure that household waste is properly collected using the most appropriate techniques in controlled landfill.]


Key Subjects include:

  • Finance and Investment
  • Infrastructure
  • Water/ Energy / Food Nexus
  • Non – Revenue Water
  • Renewable Energy and Energy
  • Water Security / Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Waste to Energy
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Solar Power
  • Innovation
  • Desalination
  • Regional Business Development

Our objective is to ensure that all attendees will leave WEX North Africa with both the inside knowledge, the profile and the contacts necessary to facilitate future business success and technical innovation throughout the region.


How are the personalized schedules prepared?

You will be contacted by our team and asked to complete a questionnaire about the activities, organisations and technologies which are of most interest to you. Most importantly you will be asked to outline the key people and organisations that you would like to meet. This enables us to focus our efforts to ensure that as far as possible the seminars and the business meetings meet your professional objectives.


Immediately prior to the summit you will be invited to access our database in order to submit online  requests for meetings with other attendees. Your own personal agenda is then compiled by matching your requests with those of your fellow delegates and is then sent to you prior to your departure for Morocco. Our aim is to provide you with a  bespoke schedule designed to maximise the exchange of expertise, information and opportunity whilst highlighting your own expertise in the sector. 


Who Attends?


The delegates fall broadly into three categories:


1.The largest group of delegates come from organisations in the region responsible for providing, building and operating renewable energy and water and wastewater  treatment facilities. Principally these are representatives of Utilities, Government Ministries, Autonomous Municipalities for the Licensing and Distribution of Water and Electricity, National Government Agencies, and Engineering firms.

2. Investors in the region from both multi-lateral financial institutions and commercial organisations

3. An exclusive group of innovative technology and service suppliers to the sector which make up the WEX International Trade Delegation


Who will I meet?


WEX North Africa attendees include:


•          Adil Daoudi, Chief planning officer (chef de departement Planification et Investissement), RADEEMA

•          Prof. Dr Mohamed F M Bakery, Vice- President, Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation, National Water Research Centre

•          Samir Bensaid, Director General of IEA-ONEE (Water)

•          Khalid Tahri, Technical and Engineering Director, ONEP

•          Youssef Selmi, COO, SONEDE, Tunisia

•          Khalil Attia, CEO, ONAS, Tunisia

•          Patrick Andrew Mullen, Water and Sanitation Specialist, International Finance Corporation - Infrastructure Investment (CINUT)

•          Mohsen Mortada, General Manager Middle East, Malcolm Pirnie / Arcadis

•          Mokhtar Jaait, Head of Innovation, IEA-ONEE

•          Serring Jallow, DIrector of the Water and Sanitation Department, African Development Bank

•          Youssef Hattoum, Area Director (Directeur/Zone), Algerian Water Company

•          Abderraouf Nouicer, Director Desalination and Environment, SONEDE, Tunisi

•          Abdelaziz Taariji, 1st Vice President, AMEPA

•          Amel Jrad, Director General, CITET (Centre International des Technologies de L’Environnement de Tunis)

•          Nachida  Kasbadji, Director General, UDES (Unite de Developpement des Equipements Solaires -Algeria)

•          Said Mouline, Director General, ADEREE, Morocco

•          Mohamed Ait Kadi, President Farming Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Morocco

•          Abdelkrim Ghezal, Director of Renewable Energy, ANME, Tunisia

•          Said Berrada, Director of Water Planning and Resources, ONEE


Delegate Packages and Cost of Participation: Single Delegate: £2,950 + vat


As we will need to provide a full programme of one to one meetings, places on the WEX trade delegation, are limited to a maximum of 40 companies. The package includes all of the following:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation and full hospitality   
  • Company profile & product details online & in the official catalogue 
  • 8 x30 minute pre-quested one to one exchange meetings
  • Direct delegate contact information 
  • Networking lunches and dinner 
  • Conference and Workshop participation 
  • Airport/Hotel Transfers 
  • Full account management

WEX North Africa Sponsorship packages -


Gold Sponsorship: Total cost of Gold Sponsorship: £13,995 + vat

  • Full corporate branding as Gold Sponsor on all marketing materials pre-, during & post- event as sponsor of  either  the  WEX North Africa Gala Dinner, or one  of the two networking lunches.
  • 5 full senior residential places at WEX:  includes 2 night accommodation at event hotel, admission to all conference sessions, networking lunches & Gala Dinner
  • 10 x 30 minute pre–qualified one-to-one meetings
  • Sponsorship and Chair of a conference session with a place on the speaker panel 
  • Full page colour advertisement in the WEX Morocco electronic catalogue
  • Company logo and profile online and in the event catalogue
  • Complimentary transfers throughout the event
  • Special Sponsors discounted rate for additional delegates

Silver Sponsorship : Total cost of Silver Sponsorship: £ 8,995 + VAT

  • Full corporate branding as Silver Sponsor on all marketing materials pre-, during & post- event
  • 3 full senior residential places at WEX:  includes 2 nights’ accommodation at event hotel, admission to all conference sessions, networking lunches, drinks receptions & Gala Dinner.
  • 10 x 30 minute pre–qualified one-to-one meetings
  • Sponsorship and chair of a workshop in the WEX conference programme
  • Full page colour advertisement in the WEX electronic catalogue
  • Company logo and profile online and in the event catalogue
  • Complimentary transfers throughout the event
  • Full account management
  • Special Sponsors discounted rate for additional delegates

We request your valued participation in this event to showcase the activities of your organization in this sector. Your early decision will help us in giving you the max benefit.

Looking forward to your very early and favorable response as delegate or sponsor.

Contact information S K Singh CEO / WEX -Team WEX Global - WEX Events Ltd., UK The Water and Energy Exchange 2nd Floor, 16 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW (email: ;
Phone: Mobile : +91 98860 50823
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Source The Water and Energy Exchange
Geographical coverage Morocco
Address Marrakech
Organizer WEX IN ASSOCIATION WITH: IEA ( The International Institute for Water & Sanitation ) | ONEP
Target audience International
Period [18/09/2013 - 19/09/2013]
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