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Event Online Professional Irrigation Scheduling Expert System (OPIRIS) project kick-off meeting

Murcia17th January 2014 


OpIRIS project kick-off meeting

Online Professional IRrigation Scheduling Expert System

Salon Gaya - Hotel Silken 7 Coronas, Murcia (Spain)
16-17 January 2014

Murcia, 17/01/2014: On 16-17 January 2014, CSIC-CEBAS (Centre for Soil Science and Applied Biology), one of the leading centers from the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) in the field of Agrifood organized the kick-off meeting of the new launched project: OpIRIS ‘Online Professional IRrigation Scheduling Expert System’. This meeting was hosted at Hotel Silken 7 Coronas, Murcia (Spain) with the participation of the project partners: CSIC-CEBAS, RITEC, VARGAS, EIC, PROGEAGRO (Spain); CERTH, ARGOS, AGROKTIMA, Strogilis & SIA OE (Greece); SEEDRI (Estonia); DONA HORTA (Portugal); EMWIS/SEMIDE (France) and FLIGTHS (United Kingdom), as well as Euro-Funding group.

OpIRIS project is co-funded within KBBE.2013.1.4-07 (Boosting the translation of FP projects' results into innovative applications in the field of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture) with a total budget of 1,3 M Euros over 24 months, and started officially on December 1st, 2013.

Increasing water scarcity and environmental concerns have urged the search for solutions for better water management in irrigated agriculture. Precision irrigation is one of these solutions. Technologies have developed potential systems, although effective partnerships have to be fostered between private industry and scientific community to shape up some common and complementary solutions. The project proposes the development of an expert system, based on the exploitation of results from three previous projects in order to acquire data from sensors, match it against a data base, produce decisions on water and energy savings.

The innovative solution of OpIRIS resides:

            (1) on his historical database built upon real case studies, and mainy based on 3 successful previous FP7 projects: CLOSYS, IRRIQUAL & SIRRIMED,

            (2) is shared on the web which guarantees cheaper access to this technology and

            (3) helps changing the current culture and behavior and into getting agricultural exploitation into the use of ICTs.

OpIRIS has direct benefits such as: Saving water, especially where annual traditional amount of irrigation water is beyond average crop water requirements, as well as saving energy and manpower required to pump and distribute excess water; while indirect benefits are: 1) Reducing leaching of fertilizers out of the plant root zone, 2) Improving water and fertilizers availability for the plant, 3) Reducing deep water percolation and contamination to underground aquifer by agricultural chemicals, 4) Providing information about the local soil hydrodynamic characteristics, the advance of wetting front during irrigation events and the depth and daily pattern of root water uptake, 5) Providing information on the hydraulic performance of the irrigation system in use, 6) Providing information on the current crop development and growing stages, 7) Creating a closer relationship between the farmer and his production system, it offers him a better real understanding of water and nutrient balance within water-soil-plant system, and 8) Creating consistency in yields between years.

The meeting was a good occasion to discuss the timelines of the whole project WPs and the way the partners will work together to produce the deliverables of the project during the first six months and the whole duration of the project, and how it will be coordinated. A project website will be launched soon.

For additional information on this project, please contact the project technical coordinator.

: changing behavior, energy save, water management, irrigation agriculture, sensors, ICT, expert system, exploitation of results 



Oussama Mounzer (PhD)
Project Technical Coordinator

Dept de Riego, CEBAS-CSIC
Campus Universitario de Espinardo
30100 espinardo, Apartado 164
Murcia, Spain      

Phone: +34 968 396270


Contact information Patricia Galisteo// Project coordinator: Oussama Mounzer Irrigation Scientist, PhD Dept de Riego CEBAS-CSIC Campus Universitario de Espinardo 30100 espinardo, Apartado 164 (email: ;; ; )
Phone: +34 968 396270 Mobile: +34 667002212
Event type Seminar
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Source CSIC
Geographical coverage Spain,
Address Murcia
Organizer CSIC, Spain
Target audience Euro
Duration January 16th – 17th starting at 09:00 a.m.
Period [16/01/2014 - 17/01/2014]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH