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Event HydroES 2021 - Hydropower and Environmental Sustainability

Theme: Hydropower: how to avoid potential pollution sources and to mitigate environmental impacts by innovative measures and concepts?
Type of event: A roundtable discussion preceded and motivated by a keynote as well as short statements from experts
Target audience: NGOs, policymakers, public, academia, hydropower industry, stakeholders involved in the SET-Plan

At the EU Green Week 2021, HYDROPOWER EUROPE  aims to organise a Partner Event raising the issue of how to avoid potential pollution sources and to mitigate environmental impacts through innovative measures.

Around this question, the roundtable will openly discuss the challenges regarding potential pollution in a narrower sense and environmental as well as social-economic impacts in a wider sense.

Consequently, by sharing the interdisciplinary experience of the participants through discussion, this should highlight good practice and approaches which will help to avoid terrestrial and aquatic pollution and help mitigate harmful impacts. The roundtable will further consider how innovation can eliminate and/or reduce these sources of pollution and impacts.

The objective of this roundtable is also to make a contribution to improving the quality and the continuity of European rivers and to shed light on good practice that should serve as the basic standard for hydropower deployment.

The outcomes of the roundtable discussion will also provide a rich source of ideas and suggestions for the Hydropower Europe Forum to consider when finalizing its main documents, which comprise the Research and Innovation Agenda and Strategic Industry Roadmap for hydropower in Europe.

The roundtable discussion shall bring together NGO representatives, academia, major utilities, policymakers, and the wider audience including consumers and future entrepreneurs working on a transition towards a clean energy society.

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Period 08/06/2021
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