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News Fresh Water in the Desert: Four Billion Imperial Gallons Successfully Stored at ASR Site

Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) provides substantially greater benefits over conventional surface water storage. From large underground storage capacity with high recovery rates to significant cost savings, ASR reduces reliance on vulnerable, costly, surface water reservoirs.

The initial phase of an ASR project (feasibility study) frequently requires the compilation of geological and hydrological information such as lithology, geophysical logs, water levels, water quality data, seismic data, and base maps. The data then is compiled, analyzed, and visualized using advanced groundwater software applications. Upon confirming the desired storage characteristics, a pilot field test is conducted with a typical duration of 12 months.


Whether obtaining and managing borehole data, conducting in-depth analysis of water quality, hydrologic properties and aquifer vulnerability, or visualizing vast amounts of data in three dimensions, the products to be selected for the ASR project must be carefully considered. Only a few products ensure accuracy and complete understanding of the data.

  • AquiferTest Pro* is used to determine the hydraulic properties of the aquifer. A major leap in pumping test analysis technology, AquiferTest Pro integrates derivative analysis capabilities, trends corrections, and data contouring resulting in accurate establishment of well and formation coefficients, well efficiency, aquifer hydraulic characteristics, transmitivity, and storability.
  • AquaChem’s* analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data in the aquifer. From simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations, AquaChem analyses the potential for mineral dissolution and precipitation as the result of recharge or pumping. These powerful analytical capabilities, complemented by a comprehensive selection of commonly used plotting techniques, help accurately predict chemical characteristics of the aquifer after pumping.
  • All data collected, including tests results, geological and hydrological information, lithology, geophysical logs, water levels, water quality data, seismic data, base maps, and raster images to name a few can be easily imported into Hydro GeoAnalyst* (HGA). Delivering a powerful and dynamic multi-window environment, HGA provides the means for controlling and understanding an entire ASR project. From performing flexible multi-format data imports, and powerful search queries to creating detailed cross-sections, time-series, and borehole log plots, Hydro GeoAnalyst helps manage, analyze, and report the aquifer’s complex data.
  • Diver* Dataloggers continuously monitor multiple parameters for pilot studies.  Providing a reliable log of changes in response to hydraulic pumping tests or source water injection, the Divers provide reliable automatic measurement and registration of up to 24,000 measurements per parameter. This is essentially one measurement every ten minutes for six months. For each measurement, the Divers simultaneously and accurately register groundwater levels, groundwater temperature, and conductivity. The Divers are also easily compensated for changes in air pressure.


Schlumberger Water Services Product Philosophy

We believe products are the foundation to all our services and solutions. By developing easy-to-use products that address challenges and improve efficiencies during common project workflows, by linking instruments with software to optimize processes and deliver better results, and by introducing forward thinking features and products that become industry-standards, our unique technologies deliver results unobtainable by traditional methods.

Let us work with you. As part of your project team, we employ superior technologies to reduce uncertainty, minimize risk, and achieve cost-effective results.

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