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News Does your country wish to host the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012?

Does your country wish to host the next World Water Forum in March 2012? Express your interest now!
The bidding process was launched this month by the World Water Council (WWC).

For the next edition of the World Water Forum, the government of any country, in collaboration with a city, is invited to demonstrate its capacity to organise such an important event. In order to be considered for the next steps in the bidding procedure, a preliminary expression of interest should be received by the WWC Headquarters in Marseille by 1 June 2008 and must be presented or endorsed by a representative of the central Government of the country concerned, at the highest possible level.

The Forum is not just an international conference. It is a three-year process involving a great deal of
preparatory work on specific subjects, taking into account the perspectives of multiple stakeholders
from different regions. The thematic and regional preparatory processes help to propose concrete
solutions to the main water-related challenges that the world faces today.

The full announcement is available on the Council’s website: For further
information on the 6th Forum, contact Danielle Gaillard, Forum Coordinator.

Contact information Danielle Gaillard, Forum Coordinator. (email:
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Source of information World Water Council
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News date 14/04/2008
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 6- Spain: Fusion of Ministries of Agriculture and Environment
 6- After last elections in Spain, a new Ministry has been created as a fusion of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA) and the Ministry of the Environment, and will take charge also of sea protection issue that belonged to the Ministry of Development. The name of this new ministry is "the Ministry of Rural, Marine and Natural Environment" under the responsibility of the Minister: Elena Espinosa. Further information on EMWIS website

26- Elena Espinosa has been nominated Minister of Rural, Marine and Natural Environment in the new Spanish government. Further information on EMWIS website

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