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News Call for papers - The Second International Meeting on Environmental Economics: “Transport, territories & environment”

This conference will take place in Annaba (Algeria) in 23-24 November 2008. 

The economic value of the natural resources, and some of the social practices that affect them, reveal the cross-cutting interface between “economic activities” and “natural resources”. PRIEV (First International Meeting on Environmental Economics) held last November 2007, initiated our analysis on such topics. Those first days concentrated on economic analysis of industrial activities’ environmental impacts, particularly those which contribute strongly to economic development.

The DRIEV’s (Second International Meeting on Environmental Economics) goal is to
supplement this debate with a specific focus on:
• First, the problems of transport and its impacts on the environment and on health.
• Second, the territorial dimensions of the relation between "economic activities" and "natural resources".
Indeed, transport constitutes an important theme for such a debate. Although the development of this sector correlates positively with economic growth, it also deteriorates the environment (greenhouse gases, air pollution, noise).

Please submit your abstracts until June 30, 2008 at the latest. Abstracts will specify the research question, analytic methodology, and key terms. These will be reviewed by members of the scientific committee. Researchers whose abstracts are accepted have to submit the final version of their paper by September 20, 2008. A final decision will be communicated by October 20; a letter of invitation will accompany this final decision.

Contact information Chair, Department of Economic Sciences: Dr. Boualem CHEBIRA: School of Economic Science and Management, Université Badji Mokhtar Annaba, P.O. 12 El-Hadjar Annaba –ALGERIA (email:
Phone: +213 (0) 38 515322 ; Fax : +213 (0) 38516909 - +213 (0) 38515322
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