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News The Europe of water: what solidarity North-South?

Europe could propose to each European citizen to feel responsible for providing access to water for an African, Asian or South-American citizen who doesn’t have it, and could decide to influence the budgetary means that the EU can patently mobilize for this purpose. Without a new strong commitment in this direction, Europe will inevitably suffer predictable consequences of the worsening of the situation within the Southern countries severely affected by the lack of access to water, and, notably, by the uncontrolled inflow of climate refugees to its territory.

The international community committed itself to increase the investments in the filed of water and decontamination during the 90’s. It has also recognized the necessity of improving the efficiency of management systems in developing citizen participation, the “empowerment”. This participation questions the relationships amongst users, representatives, engineers, businessmen, etc. in a very technical field.

Meanwhile in the South, the processes of decentralization give increasing responsibilities to representatives, interface between people and the logics behind projects of development. In Europe, local collectivities, State services, water and decontamination syndicates, enterprises have a clear experience in public services organization and management, yet without achieving the creation of constructive linkages with the citizens. In addition, several associations and NGOs wish to promote as well access to water and to sanitation. How to merge citizen participation and technico-economical efficiency when it comes to intervention in the South?

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News date 04/06/2008
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