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News SPI-Water project has published its recomendations

The purpose of this leaflet is to give recommendations on the transfer of valuable water management knowledge to non-EU countries.

This leaflet is based on a two-year experience and knowledge exchange between EU and non-EU water experts who have studied the applicability of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) practices to non-EU countries.

The SPI-Water project proposes now a set of recommendations to facilitate the transfer of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) principles to non- EU countries to offer solutions for increasing
needs and challenges in the water sector.

This leaflet explains how to achieve the following main objectives:
• Transfer to non-EU research programmes managers the knowledge acquired in EU countries for the implementation of the WFD for adaptation to regional specificities;
• Transfer non-EU IWRM research to non-EU water managers and transfer needs from non-EU water managers to research;
• Transfer experiences from EU water managers to non-EU water managers, and between non-EU water managers.

The main key principles to reach the above objectives are to promote:
• knowledge accessibility through a web-portal;
• partnerships and participatory process for meeting water needs through focused research;
• networking between EU and non-EU water managers in transferring WFD practices to non-EU river basins;
• the development of twinning programmes between river basin organisations.

Contact information Natacha Jacquin, Docteur en Sciences de l'eau / Water Sciences Doctor , Chef de projet / Project manager , Gestion locale de l'eau / Integrated water resource management , Démarches Participatives / Participatory approaches , Office International de l'Eau/ International Office for Water , 15 rue Edouard Chamberland - 87065 Limoges Cedex (email:
Phone: +33 5 55 11 47 30
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Geographical coverage Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, France, Lebanon, Morocco
News date 18/11/2008
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