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News Additional FP 7 EU funding to support GMES

The European Commission (DG Industry and Enterprise), in cooperation with the Research Executive Agency (REA), selected 108 projects from the total 732 proposals that applied for the third call for proposals under the space and security themes of the FP7. In the space domain short-listed project proposals address, among others, the GMES programme and its services. In the recently published Commission's brochure ‘Desire for space' 27 space research projects are featured there, including 13 projects dedicated to the GMES downstream services.

The third of six planned calls for proposals under the space and security themes of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) was published on July 2009 and closed on December 2009. Among other issues, the space research calls addressed the services included in the GMES programme, as well as a significant financial envelope to strengthen the foundations of space science and technology.

In cooperation with the Research Executive Agency (REA), 108 successful project proposals have been short-listed from amongst 732 proposals applied for this third call for proposals. They comprise 68 space and 40 security research projects: EUR 114 million for the FP7 space theme, and EUR 210 million for the FP7 security theme.

More recently, on 10 June 2010, the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) announced that it had started negotiations to sign research contracts worth EUR 324 million with the 108 successful space and security research consortia. These contracts are considered as strategic domains for the EU's competitiveness and contribute to the implementation of a range of policy objectives, leading to the implementation of the 2020 strategy, including the fight against climate change, the furthering of sustainable development, industrial renewal and economic recovery. Additionally, the Commission wishes to enhance border protection and environmental monitoring, therefore funds will also support the continued development of GMES.

In the space domain, the short-listed Earth Observation projects include support for the EU's efforts to fight climate change by monitoring deforestation in Africa. International cooperation has increased in space research, in particular with the United States, with American Universities and Research Centres, and major public research institutions such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), participating in a total of 15 proposals.

DG Enterprise and Industry published recently a brochure called ‘Desire for space' (the third in a series of brochures featuring EU space research projects), where 27 FP7 space research projects are featured there. This includes projects for GMES downstream services, space exploration, developing critical technologies, and coordination and support actions. The projects dedicated to GMES downstream services aim at enhancing the quality of citizens' daily lives, notably through the GMES services, which are considered to progressively taking form.

In July 2010, the European Commission foresees the publishing of the fourth FP7 space and security calls for proposals. Reflecting the political importance given to strategic R&D investment, a positive funding trend is expected.

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