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News Final results from Joint CIRCLE‐2 SHARE and JPI CLIMATE Scoping Workshop on Climate Services. Now available for download

CIRCLE‐2 and JPI CLIMATE organized jointly a scoping Workshop on "Processes for improving the interface between climate Research and its application: sharing experiences on Climate Services development in Europe". The results are now available for download.

This workshop was a follow up of a previews workshop "Bridging Climate Research Data and the Needs of the Impact Community" (see here)

The workshop provided a first overview of climate services initiatives across Europe. It also started to shape a possible new joint initiative in this domain. Tha main conclusions were:

  • Mapping of climate services activities is crucial and should be done as a first step prior to coordination of activities: need to have a more specific format for inventory;
  • As an overall guideline for climate services, all information should be framed from the user perspective(s);
  • Acknowledging the need for a platform of European Climate Services;
  • Interesting to explore differences between countries with or without ongoing climate services programmes through mapping and reporting;
  • Establishing a protocol and related tools is more effective than setting a number of user needs that maybe will not be relevant over time;
  • Important to consider the feedback process between investors/providers and users (see presentation
  • For sustaining the interest of users it is crucial to establish users' communities driven by demand for knowledge and results at different levels (cities, regions, country);
  • Such processes ideally take place in interaction with users/user group representatives which can act as purveyors (or multipliers);
  • Climate services may play a role in providing advice on how to exploit synergies between adaptation and mitigation strategies (consultancy for adaptation);
  • The role of CIRCLE‐2 is to support research and foster national dialogue, providing links and interface between JPI CLIMATE members and CIRCLE‐2 partners.



Presentations - HERE

Relevant report on "Data demands of the climate impact community" - HERE

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