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News Algeria: The government announces measures to address water scarcity

The Algerian government unveils its plan to tackle drought and water stress caused by rainfall scarcity. Faced with the lack of rainfall during winter and the first two months of spring, the Algerian Ministries of Water Resources and Agriculture presented, in April, the measures taken to mitigate the already visible impact on agricultural areas. In several regions in the north of the country, particularly in areas known for wheat and cereal production, farmers reported that harvests are severely threatened, and agriculture fields are starting to dry up prematurely. In western localities of the country, the harvesting campaign was initiated as early as April, which is unprecedented. Typically, significant rainfall in Algeria, according to climatologists, is recorded during the months of March and April. However, this year is different, as the country's 80 reservoirs have only been filled on average to 30%. In light of this situation, emergency measures have been adopted in favor of farmers, according to the two ministries. These measures include "the use of supplementary irrigation and drilling of wells with the utilization of water-efficient irrigation systems that can save up to 70% of this water resource and provide better yields." The threat also extends to the drinking water supply for the population. The government is attempting to anticipate the arrival of summer by implementing, according to the Minister of Water Resources, "an emergency program for drinking water supply, including measures to alleviate water stress in the 19 wilayas (provinces) most affected by the rainfall deficit." According to the Algerian government, the program also aims "to ensure water security in the short and medium terms.

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News date 18/07/2023
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