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News Career Opportunities: Assistant Professor position in Water Desalination Technologies (507)

Position Announcement

Job Title: Assistant Professor position in Water Desalination Technologies

Area of specialization in IWRI Education and Research: Water Technologies Engineering, Water desalination processes, Chemical Engineering, Environmental.

Job description:

The International Water Research Institute (IWRI) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University invites applications for faculty positions specialized in the area of Water Desalination. The positions are open to individuals who hold Engineering graduate/MS degree and PhD in Water Technologies Engineering for desalination or a closely related field with focus on water desalination processes.

The hired candidate will focus on:

  • Conduct research on the science and technology of desalination.
  • Innovative and detailed experimental research to develop new low-cost materials and separation processes for energy efficient and robust desalination/purification of waters from unconventional sources e.g., brackish, sea water etc
  • Lead the development of advanced desalination methods via conceptualizing, designing, building, testing and manufacturing of new materials and separation devices.
  • Investigate the basic physical, chemical and electrical behavior of dissolved solids, liquids and gases at solid/liquid interfaces.
  • Work collaboratively with other experimental and theoretical/computational scientists with mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering backgrounds.
  • Develop and test reliable, scalable, low-cost desalination systems.

Preference will be given to those with good research and teaching experience. Good communication skills, both verbal and writing are important. Fluency in French and English are preferred.


Key duties:

Successful candidates are expected to:

  • Have the desire and ability to teach courses at the under and postgraduate levels related to the candidate's areas of research in seawater/brackish water desalination.
  • Have a good knowledge of fundamentals of membrane technologies and thermal processes for desalination.
  • should have a good understanding of energetic aspects and energy usage in desalination systems.
  • Perform multidisciplinary research and contribute to develop a funded research program, with a special emphasis on innovative and sustainable technologies for water desalination and reuse.
  • Publish the results of personal and sponsored research in top-tier international journals refereed by his/her peers.
  • Pursue scholarly and professional activities that will keep him/her at the leading edge of his/her field.


Criteria of the candidate:   

  • PhD in the subject discipline with at least 2-5 years of experience in the subject discipline
  • Relevant experience in the subject discipline as postdoctoral researcher, or in industry or in experimentation would be an asset
  • Experience in experimental sciences and passionate interest in water treatment, desalination science and technology.
  • Proven hands-on expertise with membrane-based technologies for desalination and/or reclamation of impaired water resources.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in designing and conducting experiments.
  • Experience in development and testing of prototypes for desalination technologies.
  • Experience with the mitigation of fouling phenomena and/or management of desalination concentrate is a plus.
  • Should be familar with the functionning of sewater and brackish water desalination plants
  • Demonstrated understanding of operational requirements for a successful research project and managing resources.
  • Proven track record as first-author in peer-reviewed publications related to the subject discipline.
  • Ability to generate new ideas, links, and to build upon existing ideas to generate good concepts and solutions.
  • Demonstrated teaching skills.


Research skills

  • Water Technologies Engineering,
  • Water desalination advanced processes .
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and extensive experience in research mentoring.


Teaching skills

  • Water Technologies Engineering with focus on water desalination processes
  • Membrane Separation processes
  • Water chemistry of desalination processes
  • Hydraulics engineering
  • Water Environmental engineering
  • Prior experience with online teaching is an asset

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News date 22/01/2020
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