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PDF Seminar introduction Download
PDF Current activities on water quantities at the EU level Download
PDF Water Scarcity & Drought WG Activities Download
PDF Overview of water scarcity and drought indicators Download
PDF 2004-2008 Drought Management in the Jucar River Basin, Spain Download
PDF Introduction to Climate Change's Impact on Watershed in Jordan Download
PDF Drought in Tunisia: indicators and management Download
PDF Water Scarcity in Palestinian Territories in terms of Water Shortage and Hydrological Drought Download
PDF Drought Management and Early Warning in the WANA region Download
PDF Drought in Sebou river basin Download
PDF Drought & water scarcity in Sebou river basin: 1st data assessment Download
PDF Litani river basin case Download
PDF European Water Quantity Reporting Tool and indicators Download
PDF Preparation of a briefing note on Water Scarcity and Drought in the Mediterranean Download
4th Mediterranean Water Forum