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Document Global deserts outlook

This report presents a panorama of the environmental status of the world’s deserts: their location and extent, uniqueness and vulnerability, biodiversity and natural resources. The report provides a balanced picture of deserts as ecosystems which form a special part of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, and not simply as land that is the end result of the process of desertification. The Global Deserts Outlook is the first thematic assessment report in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) series of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It challenges readers to: consider the development potential of deserts and their conservation needs, explore what would be the most appropriate and sustainable livelihoods for people living in desert areas. Deserts do not have much water, but they do have other natural resources. The report argues that the knowledge and technology exist to manage these resources sustainably and that the challenge lies with determining and implementing appropriate actions for desirable long-term outcomes.

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Source of information UNEP / United Nations [UN] Environment Programme (UNEP) , 2006
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