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HTML Document Introductory letter for WS and D survey

Sent to the Water Directors of the Southern Mediterranean countries, Balkan countries and Libya.

Released 20/04/2007

Dear Water Director,


I am writing to you regarding the questionnaire that will be used by the Water Scarcity and Drought Working Group in the 2nd phase of the Med Joint Process. The questionnaire is attached to this email.


As you are aware, Water Scarcity and Drought was identified as one of the themes to be addressed in the framework of the Mediterranean – EU Water Initiative / Water Framework Directive Joint Process launched in 2004. At the last Euromed Water Directors meeting in November 2006, a first draft report was presented and it was decided to continue the activities of the Water Scarcity and Drought Working Group for a 2nd phase (2007-2009).


It was agreed the Working Group would produce a report on the assessment of water scarcity and drought in the Mediterranean.  This report is to be backed by information on the economic, social and environmental impacts of water scarcity and droughts in the region. It will also identify best practices and “success stories” for water saving measures in the region in order to formulate recommendations which will be discussed by the EuroMed Water Directors Forum in 2008.


The questionnaire was designed in order to collect the necessary data to write the report and enrich it with quantitative and qualitative data. The questionnaire has 2 sections:

  • Section A is an in depth assessment of the current situation with regards to Waster Scarcity and Drought, and consists of data collection of information at river basin or local level. A similar assessment is being done among the EU countries.
  • Section B is an inventory of measures taken by Mediterranean countries to manage water scarcity and droughts in proactive and reactive ways.


I would be most grateful if you could return the completed questionnaire to Carina Dunkerley ( by 25th May.  This deadline is crucial, as the preliminary results will be presented and discussed at the next Med Water Scarcity and Drought meeting in Seville on 19th June 2007.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the questionnaire: your time and effort will greatly enhance the activities and results of the Water Scarcity and Drought Working Group.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Maria Serneguet i Belda, Secretaría Técnica Permanente de la REMOC ( or Eric MINO, EMWIS Technical Unit (


Yours faithfully,


                                      EMWIS Technical Unit on behalf of:

                              Morocco, State Secretariat in charge of Water

                    France, Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development

                The Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations –MENBO-

                           And the European Commission, DG Environment